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Claiborne Village Hall

The Claiborne Village Hall (formerly the Claiborne United Methodist Church) was purchased by the Claiborne Association on November 14, 2010 with the goal of restoring and maintaining this historic property for current and future generations of Claiborne residents. Claiborne Association’s vision for the Claiborne Village Hall is for it to serve as the center of village activities, the village postal station, and a future resiliency center.

Guiding Principles
In order to achieve its vision for use of the Hall, the Association has as its mission:

  • To restore and maintain the building in keeping with its historic origin and the

  • Association’s priority to preserve the rural character and small village atmosphere of the neighborhood.

  • Make restorations and improvements so that the building and future activities are wheelchair accessible.

  • To plan and coordinate community activities at the Hall such as, potluck dinners, weekly movie nights during the winter, music programs in partnership with Carpe Diem Arts, poetry nights, theatrical

       performances, holiday family events, as well as Association meetings.

  • To use a portion of the Hall annex to house a village postal station that is easily accessible as well as wheelchair accessible. This will enable the village to retain its own zip code, further adding to its individual and unique character.

  • To create a future emergency and recovery center for returning villagers whose homes have sustained damage or are without water and power. This will be accomplished in part by:

    • installing emergency generators for water and electricity,

    • connecting the Hall to a water supply,

    • installing a warming kitchen, bathroom and septic system, and

    • maintaining emergency supplies.

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